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The Irish House

Aalborg, <20kr.
29/08/2023: Short story: The owner physically abused my friends by pushing heavy tables into their knees and even by tightly grabbing one of my friends by the wrists and pushing him towards the floor. All in front of a bar packed with people. Long story: Last night, after spending a few hours at The Irish House buying drinks and snacks, we began to finish our drinks. A bartender came over to ask us something, which was difficult to make out in the loud setting. He may have wanted us to move to a different table, but when I asked, "Why?" he got upset and went back behind the bar. A couple of minutes later, the owner hurried from behind the bar, approached our group, and, without saying a word, started moving the tables aimlessly and into us. Clearly, more to make a point than anything else. When he tried to leave the group, he managed to grab one of my friends tightly by the wrists and push him horizontal to ground in his chair. Bizarrely, the owner told my friend to let him go, though he was the one holding onto him. After this, we simply left - what else is there to do? It was a completely unexpected episode and turned an otherwise cosy evening into a sad and disappointing one. It goes without saying that we will not go to The Irish House again, and I would suggest that you should not either.
23/08/2023: Accogliente come sanno essere i pub irlandese. Abbiamo mangiato a tarda sera, tutto abbastanza buono.


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