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Bull Diner

Odense, <20kr.

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Royal Pitabar

Vejle, <20kr.
18/04/2021: On a day trip to Vejle we picked up lunch at royal pitabar, the shop was a little busy and only allows 4 in at a time due to corona The lady that served us was very friendly and was king enough to speak English when I asked questionsI ordered a vegan falafel pita with fries and a drink, which cost 94kr, which is a good price for a meal, the food took about 35 minutes to make, they had pre orders so that was understandableWhen the food was ready it was absolutely delicious, we sat on a bench as there’s nowhere to sit right now and it was the best pita I’ve had in a long time, all cooked impeccably the fries though .. perfectly perfect, crispy and the whole meal was really filling, I ate it all but then had to sit down again for five, so you get a lot for your cash We went back to thank them for such an outstanding meal and if I’m in Vejle again I’ll book my lunch from royal pitabar for sure
09/03/2021: Ingen mundbind, hverken på ansatte eller kunder! Det er anden gang i denne uge hvor dette forekommer

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