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Khun Juk Oriental

København, 30-45kr.
21/05/2024: What a find, excellent food & service ,lovely setting.
16/05/2024: Cosy, good and a lot of service mind to all of us :)


Leo’s Wok Café

Roskilde, 20-30kr.
19/07/2024: The staff who took the order did not know the names of the dishes, but otherwise friendly. The food tasted nowhere near what you would expect from authentic Thai food. Have lived in Thailand for 5 years.. if I hadn't shown what I had ordered, I would never have guessed it either. The atmosphere in the area is cozy and will definitely come again, but it will be without "Thai food" next time.
09/07/2024: Insanely delicious and authentic food. Fantastic staff. Small place with outside serving.



København, >100kr.
18/07/2024: Very good service but sushi is not as good as it was before. There are other sushi in the city that are 10 times better
11/07/2024: A very good Japanese restaurant, the dishes are excellent and the service is friendly and efficient. To recommend !


Scurry Hub

København, <20kr.
26/06/2024: Very good Thai food and service at reasonable prices.
24/06/2024: The green curry was amazing, much more than the red curry. Staff are friendly and price is good.


Broens Gadekøkken

København, 20-30kr.
04/02/2024: I was on a wonderful date with my girlfriend on her birthday. We skated around for a little hour and drank hot cocoa with marshmallows over the afternoon. Lovely location right next to the water and great atmosphere😎/😎
29/01/2024: This is a must do. It was lively and reminiscent of the Rideau canal experience in Ottawa only skating rink size.



Gentofte, 30-45kr.
26/05/2024: Super delicious sushi ad libitum. Can definitely recommend the place. Nice that you can order what you want on the go from your own iPad.👍
17/05/2024: Fantastic food 🥑 clean and delicious



København, <20kr.
02/06/2024: very good spot for breakfast or lunch with a great quality-to-price ratio. the coffee is fine, and the laid-back, chill atmosphere makes it a nice place to relax. despite Copenhagen being an expensive city, the prices here are reasonable.
16/04/2024: Delicious creamy oatmeal (a bit on the salty side) and delicious toppings (recommended are the peanut butter and rhubarb). We ordered a large bowl, a small one would have been too little for us to have a good start to the day. Juice was made fresh, highly recommended.


The South Indian

København, 30-45kr.
03/07/2024: The place was very cozy and big. Have a lot of South Indian dishes along with a proper Indian taste. Had a dosa platter with different chutneys and sambar. Make sure to mention your spice level.
27/06/2024: overall good food and service There are few nepali waitress who done great service and Served well highly recommended remembere this is typical south indian restaurant not like North indian or pakistani. Try dosa idli coffee here. Ample sitting place and good clean toilets


Yummi Running Sushi & Wok

Hjørring, 20-30kr.
29/04/2024: Best sushi place with the nicest staff! Super good service, cheap prices and cozy atmosphere all the time🕺🏼 10/10
13/02/2024: The restaurant was a really cozy place with lots of good food. Can definitely be recommended. The food at the restaurant was incredibly good and exciting as there were many different kinds of dishes to choose from. I had a very good experience in the restaurant with good service and nice staff. The music and decoration also gave a good atmosphere.


Tuk Tuk Thai Mad

Aarhus, <20kr.
14/02/2024: Ok, delicious Thai food, although it's probably not quite real Thai food
19/12/2023: Tuc tuc combo is delicious with the spicy green curry. Good price as well!


Chili Grill

Faaborg-Midtfyn, >100kr.
27/05/2024: Sweet service. But the food was not good 👎
08/05/2024: Good food at a reasonable price. Will definitely come again 👍



Gentofte, 60-100kr.
28/03/2024: Just ordered takeaway. Bought a large menu, and had high expectations due to a previous experience a few years ago where it tasted so good. I took the chance again; but I have to admit I'm quite disappointed. I don't know why they use low quality ebi shrimp in their sushi? They are exactly the same ones I see in the net for 29k. I have always loved the rice because it tastes of more vinegar than elsewhere, but the menu I bought for DKK 945 is not something I would do again. The chicken was dry and the prawns tasted of rubber. I eat a LOT of sushi and you can find better-tasting sushi for 100p at a much cheaper price.
29/02/2024: Amazing! Friendly staff, food excellent



Odense, 45-60kr.
14/05/2024: Overcrowded and bad food. The lady attending us were alone on the floor and she was doing the best she could .However, restaurant fundamentals were not present. Overcrowded, had to well to be able to speak, they did not know how to make rice, essential for sushi. Fish with no taste, Sauce no taste. Pretty much a bad experience.
01/05/2024: If you are from the province, are in Dakkedak and like slow service, then bluefin odense is the place for you. On Wednesday evenings at 19:00 bluefin can offer you sushi and background music on the same level as pizza pizza on a Saturday evening. Despite the music, we stayed and ate at bluefin. We first ordered drinks, soy and ginger/wasabi. After that we ordered our starters. This was rocket science for the waiter at work, with 4 companies besides us in the restaurant. We got our starters first, 20 min later we got our drink and 40 min later we got our soy. The waiter was not in a hurry. Despite slow service, we could take comfort in Mr. World wide in the speakers, which created a disco atmosphere for what was supposed to look like a romantic dinner. On the positive side, there was a good view from our table to the waiter pouring canned beer into the draft beer glasses. When we finally got what we ordered, half was missing. The sushi is fine quality, but if you were to do yourself a favor you would get the most out of eating at atami or Kings. And if you are looking for the same atmosphere as at bluefin, it can be well balanced with a trip to pizza pizza with a carton of wine and canned beer hidden in your bag.



Frederiksberg, <20kr.
16/01/2024: Always nice to eat a healthy alternative to "fast food". Definitely a healthier choice, plus it actually tastes good. The price can always be discussed, as it is on the high end, but do junk food too, so rather choose the healthy choice. Wish there were more OliOli's around Denmark.
27/12/2023: The quality has dropped a lot in recent years. There is no difference between medium and large apart from the container they come in. The last time I ordered there was even 100g more in a medium portion than in a large. Incidentally, the last two times I have received the wrong rice, and it seems to happen often.


Yokoso Sushi

København, 60-100kr.
16/02/2024: The place is practically dead, I had a different idea of the place! There is no way to recommend it!
19/10/2023: Practice a loop. I had ordered TooGoodToGo and now I understand why they use it. The food was bland and the restaurant looked like something that was a lie. Cannot be recommended.

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