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Vejle, 30-45kr.
24/03/2024: As always, perfect food and perfect service. After many visits, there is only one verdict, 100% best in town.
13/03/2024: Super restaurant in Vejle. Delicious food, cozy atmosphere and good service. It is worth booking a table if you want to be sure of getting a seat.


Pizzeria og Grill Strib

Middelfart, 20-30kr.
27/04/2024: Beautiful pizzeria with the nicest staff.
02/04/2024: The best pizza in the Strip, and a really sweet and friendly serving by a young lady who checked on her customers and was very attentive if the wait was too long.



02/04/2024: The staff was very nice and attentive, but the food took too long, although when it arrived we enjoyed it very much. The music was very loud, we had to shout to hear each other, plus people were also shouting to talk. We ate the symphony menu, the truth is that we were satisfied with everything. I have to highlight the Argentine meat, it was cut by itself. We will be back.
20/03/2024: Got a Kobe beef burger. It was nice enough, but for the price and the name kobe I had clearly expected more. It was a little disappointing. Maybe it just lacked salt or a good mayo. Maybe a spoonful of the delicious aioli mayo that I got with the good fries would have done wonders. Because the fries and the mayo were the best. Had a dessert with a standard heavy chocolate cake, a mediocre vanilla ice cream and a large sliced ​​strawberry plus some blackberries. It was also just fine. Don't think I would order those two dishes again.


Restaurant Latinerly

Viborg, 60-100kr.
29/03/2024: Good enough a boring steak! 🙁 As an old Viborg boy, it was nostalgic with a trip to "Ly", which I haven't visited for years. But now the chance presented itself, when I was on a rare visit to my old hometown. The menu card concentrates on steaks. Unfortunately, there was no Ribeye, but I chose the Omaha steak that was recommended on the menu. I asked for it to be cooked medium-rare. The steak was neither stringy, tough nor completely inedible. But there wasn't much positive to say either. It was dead boring. First, it was cooked to medium rather than medium-rare. Second, it didn't really taste like anything (good). Third, it didn't have a frying crust but rather a blackened grill surface, and the browned flavor drowned out any flavor of beef. The roast potatoes were equally charred and no enjoyment either. I doubt the Bernaise sauce was homemade as advertised. In any case, it was too sour and thin for my taste. All in all a disappointment. If I come again it will have to be a burger or a stew, which probably won't disappoint to the same degree... PS: Can't help but wonder if the many 5 star reviews can really be genuine. 🤔 Far from my experience.
15/03/2024: A great place with a great atmosphere


Den Gyldne Okse

17/03/2024: Friendly staff. Ordered sirloin steak medium rare. Got a hunk of steak. The steak was red and tough to cut/chew, full of sinew. Sent it back x 2, finally got a new steak that was tender/medium. Spent over DKK 2500 and got "only" that, I'm sorry! But got billed at full price for menu for four people. Hope the chef was shown how to fry medium and remove the tendons on the beef tenderloin.
22/02/2024: Very cozy atmosphere with nice staff and great food.



07/05/2024: Super good restaurant with good steaks and good service
27/04/2024: Fantastic restaurant on Bornholm. The steaks were exceptional - really tasty and very tender. The starter that we were recommended, Salmon with feta cream with accompanying glass of Cava was a perfect start. Atmospheric premises and really polite and competent service. We will definitely come again😀👍


Sokkelund Cafe & Brasserie

27/03/2024: Really good food and good service. Nice place.
26/03/2024: Nice food - but... the noise level is far too high for you to have a conversation. The service is ok - but lacks "a little feeling" with the guests.



Hjørring, 30-45kr.
07/03/2024: One of the best burgers I've had in a long time. The chef came out and asked how it was and even brought extra Sriracha since I like it spicy. Hope I'm back here soon.
10/02/2024: I had the whole family with me for a really nice evening with fantastic food and the choice was fish, steak, burger and steak sandwiches and everyone was excited. The service was fun, present and festive❤️ My husband and I wanted to return a few days later to enjoy steak sandwiches ourselves, but unfortunately we were struck by illness. We will return when the motorbike season starts. Thank you ❤️


Restaurant Flammen

Vejle, 20-30kr.
18/05/2024: Super delicious food, good service
17/05/2024: Good food nice polite service. Nice and clean. 😋🥂


Ristorante Fratelli

Haderslev, 45-60kr.
13/05/2024: Really delicious food. I had ravioli with parmesan, spinach, beef tenderloin and delicious tomato sauce. Can definitely be recommended.
06/05/2024: Good service and delicious food.



14/03/2024: Excellent service, great drink selection but unfortunately I was very disappointed with the steak, spoke with the waitress who gladly exchanged the ribeye for a tenderloin, didn’t offer to exchange the sides so I ate my side while I waited for a replacement steak which was unfortunately equally bland and aesthetically unpleasing. We spoke with the waitresses again at the end, she was very receptive and apologetic. I will not be returning.
05/03/2024: There is too little toilet capacity at the restaurant. You stand in line, even if there aren't very many guests.


Restaurant Hviid's Vinstue

13/03/2024: Great little sreak restaurant. The menu is basically steak, but is perfectly cooked and flambed at your table by the owner an chef and served by great staff,it is cozy with a great ambience. I think it was the best steak I have ever had!
18/02/2024: I just heard that 5% will be added to the bill in: inflation supplement. Is that really true?...


Nytorv 11

Viborg, 30-45kr.
01/04/2024: Delicious, almost delicate food. Good service, my picky eater mother-in-law could have half a portion.
18/03/2024: The kitchen was closed so they could only offer some chips. The service was not quite top notch, just that day...probably because there were some tall gentlemen visiting and they took the staff's attention, so that we other guests were forgotten. I had to go up myself and ask for 2 menus and ask for a cup of coffee. Fortunately, we brought the atmosphere with us.. 😄



26/04/2024: Restaurant with an American touch. Possibility to take salad and soft ice cream buffet. You tick what you want on the menu, then the order is brought to your table. Drink: many beers available. Soft drinks with free refill. Friendly and clear staff. Can speak English well. Highly recommended. Please note: large portions, so bring plenty of hunger!
22/04/2024: It's something very special, so if you want to have a successful evening alone or with family and friends, score the evening.


Ferdinands Bøfhus

Ringsted, 45-60kr.
21/05/2024: Insane music choice in a Steak House. The food was super delicious.
13/05/2024: Boring food which was expensive in relation to quality

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